Licence No. :974-575-20S
Licence Type :Private Security Individual Licence
Licence Holder :MEHIO, NOOR
Licence Expiry :18/11/2022
Licence Activities :Crowd Controller, Security Guard
Employed By :
Licence Conditions :
This licence only permits the licence holder to carry on the activity of security guard, being Unarmed Guard, as the training completed does not allow any other aspect of security guard work being Armed Guard, Control Room Operator, Monitoring Centre Operator, Cash-In-Transit and Guard with a dog.
The licence holder is not permitted to carry or use security equipment, being a baton and/or handcuffs, unless the licence holder has the approval of the licence holder's employer and has undertaken training relevant to that security equipment from an approved security training organisation.
The licence holder must notify the Chief Commissioner if at any time whilst licensed as a private security individual operator they are charged with an indictable offence.